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Here at Little Rascal’s Clubhouse we strive to not only encourage children’s social and emotional growth, but to foster learning as well. We recognize that each stage a child goes through opens new and exciting doors in terms of knowledge and education. The following outline will take you through the series of tools and avenues for learning used at LRC:

Infant Rooms

In our infant classrooms, our teachers work on a daily basis to introduce and inspire both fine and large motor skills. Our babies are provided with toys designed to encourage reaching, grabbing, stacking, patting, pulling up, standing, and walking. The teachers at LRC work with our infants on all the milestones expected during the first stages in life by providing one-on-one time and attention.

Toddler Rooms

While in our toddler classrooms, children begin to participate in group activities such as games and art projects that motivate them to socialize with one another. The interaction between classmates teaches each child the principals of patience, sharing, and trust. Each room establishes and maintains a routine throughout the day that becomes predictable and assuring to our toddlers. When it comes time, our teachers work with parents in introducing and practicing potty-training while embarking on the first stages in education such as learning the ABC’s, colors, and counting.

Preschool Rooms

Once our children are of age to enter our preschool program, the real fun begins! Our three and four year old rooms are equipped with all of the tools and resources used in mainstream preschools. Our teachers attend training once a week where they are introduced to and able to practice the most effective methods in educating children. While at training, they are given a curriculum to utilize in their classrooms. Our curriculum covers numbers, math, letters, sound and identification, science, health, reading, writing, and knowledge concerning an individual’s role in the community and social behavior. Our goal at LRC is to have each and every one of our students beyond ready to enter Kindergarten upon graduating from our center.

After School Program

LRC also offers a program for students who have already entered Kindergarten. This program runs during the school year after school is dismissed as well as all day during the summer time. These students are given time every day to work on any homework or projects they may have been given that day at school. Our teachers sit down with each child and review the areas they may need assistance with in learning. After tutoring, students may utilize the computer lab located right inside their own classroom. During the summer, our after school students participate in many projects and activities designed to appeal to their personal interests. LRC staff plans two field trips a week for our after school class including skating, putt-putt golfing, a journey to the nature center, adventures to the park, and trips to the local library.




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