High Quality Early Learning & Child Care


Weekly Prices

  • Infants (6wks-11m) - $155.00
  • Toddlers (12m-23m) - $145.00
  • Non-Potty Trained Toddlers - $125.00
  • Potty Trained Toddlers - $115.00
  • Preschool Age (3yrs-5yrs) - $115.00
  • After School Care (5yrs-12yrs) - $65.00 or $105.00* for summer care or weeks school is out. *includes activity fee

*There is an activity fee of $10.00 per week for children 12 months and up.

Please ask us about our military and multi-kid discounts!

We understand that each family is unique, keeping that in mind we offer four separate payment options for your convenience. These options are stated below:

Tuition Payment Options


  • Payments are due on the 1st of each month, payment is considered late on the 2nd.


  • Payment is due every Friday, considered late on Monday.


  • Payment is due every other Friday, considered late on Monday.


Enrolling your child is quick and easy.

Fill out the following forms and bring them to our school prior to enrollment. NOTE: All forms must be completed 2 days before your child can start.

Items needed prior to enrollment:

  • Enrollment Form (front and back)
  • Authorization for Emergency Medical Attention Form
  • Physician's Statement (with physician's signature)
  • Tuition Agreement
  • Tuition Express Form (ACH Draft)
  • Infant Feeding Preference (if applicable)
  • Food Program Enrollment Form
  • CACFP Meal Benefit Income Eligibility Form

Enrollment Form

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